Master of Business Administration

Online MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) online program at Midway College is designed to prepare students to play a leadership role in the rapidly changing, technologically advanced global marketplace.

The graduate business online degree serves the needs of practicing professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree and who want to further their education or enhance their career while contributing to their company’s progress and to society as a whole.

About the MBA
• The Master of Business Administration will be delivered online for added convenience and flexibility.
• MBA online students will analyze organizational issues by applying generally accepted theory and methods, best practices and leadership/management skills in diverse and complex business environment.
• MBA students learn to think critically and apply the conclusions of analysis process to real life and work situations as well as be able to communicate in speech and in writing at a level which reflects high competency.
• MBA graduates will have an enhanced understanding of the principles of leadership, team building, and human relations.
• Upon graduation, MBA students will be able to identify and analyze economic, multicultural, national, and international issues in the global business environment.

Program Course Listing

  Semester Hours
Master of Business Administration required courses 36
Leadership and Organizational Courses  
Leadership and Effective Decision Making (BUSM 520) 3
Management Issues (BUSM 530) 3
Strategic Management (BUSM 540) 3
Strategy Courses  
Strategic Management (BUSM 500) 3
Strategic Marketing Management (BUSM 600) 3
Global Business (BUSM 620) 3
Business Acumen Courses  
Economic Analysis for Business Decision Making (BUSM 510) 3
Business Law (BUSM 550) 3
Financial Management (BUSM 630) 3
Operations Management (BUSM 640) 3
Capstone Management Dossier (BUSM 650) 6
Total 36

*A minimum grade of “C” is required.

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