Criminal Justice

Online Public Safety Administration

Criminal Justice Concentration

The Criminal Justice (CRJ) concentration offered online at Midway College prepares students to enter rewarding careers in law enforcement, governmental and private agencies, research, social work, political science and a variety of other fields.

The Criminal Justice concentration addresses fundamental components of the justice system, including various functions, organizations, issues, practices and interrelationships of law enforcement agencies, the court system and the corrections system.

The online CRJ degree program highlights the interrelation of public safety and the criminal justice aspects, as well as the integration of modern research methodology and available theories in the field; the utilization of communication skills at the personal, professional, and public level; and the development of professional skills and knowledge in the fields of public safety and criminal justice.

Program Course Listing

  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Public Safety Administration Major Requirements* 45
Intro to Public Safety Administration (PS 300) 3
Psychological, Historical & Societal Issues (PS 305) 3
Conflict Management and Negotiation (PS 325) 3
Principles of Homeland Security Emerg. Plan (PS 402) 3
Minimizing the Econ. Impact of Hazards (PS 405) 3
Community Risk Assessment (PS 408) 3
Critical Infrastructure Protection (PS 418) 3
Public Safety Capstone Project (PS 425) 3
Principles of Accounting I (BA 210) 3
Leadership and Org. Behavior (BA 305) 3
Business & Org. Communication (BA 313) 3
Managerial Finance (BA 321) 3
Principles of Management (BA 330) 3
Strategic Planning (BA 411) 3
Human Resource Management (BA 440) 3
Corporate Security Concentration Requirements* 18
Police Ethics (CJ 210) 3
Criminal Investigation (CJ 220) 3
Criminal Acts (CJ 301) 3
Criminal Procedure (CJ 305) 3
Criminal Organizations (CJ 310) 3
Courts and Court Procedures (CJ 400) 3
Electives 24
Total 124

*A minimum grade of “C” is required.

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