Bachelor of Arts in Public Safety Administration

Online Public Safety Administration

Public safety administration personnel play a critical role in society. They protect, prevent, and react to events that endanger life, property, and society. From local police, fire or emergency medical services to federal level security agencies, the front line of public safety is critical to our country’s safety.

Midway College offers a competitive Bachelor of Arts in Public Safety Administration online degree directed at educating those who choose this rewarding administrative career path. Previously structured as Homeland Security, the new curriculum expands to provide a broader understanding of safety administration topics by crossing public and private security issues.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Public Safety Administration (BA PSA) can also choose one of the three (3) concentrations:

- Corporate Security
- Criminal Justice
- Emergency Management

Online students study various organizational types and methods of cooperation in providing timely and efficient emergency services. Coursework and subjects include community risk assessment, critical infrastructure protection, and a host of leadership and management courses designed to give the graduate an understanding of organizational communications and behavior, strategic planning and conflict resolution.


Program Course Listing

  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Public Safety Administration Major Requirements* 45
Intro to Public Safety Administration (PS 300) 3
Psychological, Historical & Societal Issues (PS 305) 3
Conflict Management and Negotiation (PS 325) 3
Principles of Homeland Security Emerg. Plan (PS 402) 3
Minimizing the Econ. Impact of Hazards (PS 405) 3
Community Risk Assessment (PS 408) 3
Critical Infrastructure Protection (PS 418) 3
Public Safety Capstone Project (PS 425) 3
Principles of Accounting I (BA 210) 3
Leadership and Org. Behavior (BA 305) 3
Business & Org. Communication (BA 313) 3
Managerial Finance (BA 321) 3
Principles of Management (BA 330) 3
Strategic Planning (BA 411) 3
Human Resource Management (BA 440) 3
Electives 42
Total 124

*A minimum grade of “C” is required.

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