Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Online Psychology Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Midway College prepares professionals for a career in the field of psychology. The program emphasizes the breadth of psychology while building skills and providing fundamental knowledge for those interested in pursuing a career in any of the fields’ occupational branches: counseling, therapy, educational or developmental psychology. The degree includes a one-semester practicum in a community agency, and a capstone senior seminar in which students produce original research.

A BA in Psychology online can allow you to pursue graduate study in the subfields such as counseling, child development, or educational psychology. Students of Midway College’s Psychology online degree program are also prepared for entry-level occupations in human services including therapeutic, industrial, educational, or governmental positions.

Psychology Courses Online

- General Psychology
- Introduction to Counseling
- Human Growth and Development
- Research Methods in Psychology
- Personality and Adjustment
- Social Psychology

Program Course Listing

  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Supporting Requirements 9
Probability and Statistics (MA 245) 3
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 120) 3
Ethics (PHIL 301) 3
Psychology Requirements 30
General Psychology (PSY180) 3
Introduction to Counseling (PSY 200) 3
Human Growth and Development (PSY 260) 3
Abnormal Psychology (PSY 320) 3
Learning (PSY 325) 3
Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 355) 3
Psychology Field Practicum (PSY 440) 3
Senior Seminar Proposal (PSY 497) 1
Senior Seminar (PSY498) 2
Choose two of the following 6
Personality and Adjustment (PSY 330) 3
Social Psychology (PSY 312) 3
Cognition (PSY 335) 3
Physiological Psychology (PSY 315) 3
Sensation and Perception (PSY 345) 3
Psychology of Gender (PSY 321) 3
Electives 48
Total 124

*A minimum grade of “C” is required.

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