Bachelor of Arts in Elementary /Middle School Education

Online BA Education


Midway has an excellent reputation for developing leaders in the classroom and prides itself on a perfect record: 100 % of Midway College Teacher Education students receive their provisional licensure after graduation!

The online BA in Elementary or Middle School Education P-5/5-9/LBD at Midway College covers all courses and skills necessary to achieve Initial Teaching Certification upon graduation. Educators in the P-5/5-9 program are guided by Midway College’s faculty in mastering all skills necessary for teacher certification in the state of Kentucky. Similarly, those in the LBD, Middle School Math and English specialization can work toward that specific certification or area of emphasis.

Program Details

P-5 / 5-9
Recognizing its target audiences’ busy schedules, the institution launched an accelerated format of the P-5 and 5-9 Teacher Education program, with courses delivered online to best serve the needs of state’s educators.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program (P-5 /5-9) trains teachers to work in elementary / middle schools. Graduates will meet the requirements for certification to teach kindergarten through grade five, respectively grade 5 through grade 9 in Kentucky. Through reciprocal agreements, students should be able to achieve
certification in some other states.

Each elementary / middle school education major must have at least one area of emphasis. Some students meet the requirements for a minor while completing their area of emphasis. An area of emphasis can be in English/Communication (P-5/5-9), Mathematics (P-5/5-9), Fine Arts/Humanities (P-5), Social/Behavioral Sciences or Science (P-5/5-9).

Course Requirements
A total of 21 (P-5)/ 24-29 (5-9) hours of courses must be taken to satisfy an area of emphasis. Courses may be used to meet general education requirements and your area of academic emphasis, but student must satisfy upper level course requirement for graduation. You may have more than one area of emphasis but only one is required. Your area of academic emphasis may be met in the following area:
*English/Communications – courses with ENG or COM prefixes.
*Mathematics – College Math, courses with MA prefix.
*Fine Arts/Humanities – courses with MUS, ART , HUM , PHIL or REL prefixes.
*Social/Behavioral Studies – courses with SOC, PSY, HIS, SS or PS prefixes.
*Sciences – courses with BIO or PSC prefixes.

Learning and Behavior Disorders (LBD) option within the Teacher Education Program offers a dual LBD certificate for elementary or middle school educators. Elementary and middle school teachers must also choose one area of emphasis. Middle school teachers may choose English or Mathematics.

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