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The Leadership concentration prepares learners with the knowledge and skills so that they may transition from a pure management role to that of a high performance leader. With a qualitative approach to leadership this program is focused toward those individuals who understand the importance of ethics and appropriate leadership during times of change.

Learners will develop and strengthen their own leadership style, learn how to diagnose leadership problems and recommend appropriate solutions that are based on sound theoretical concepts and practitioner level principles.

Students can also prepare for Certified Associate Business Manager certification issued by the Association of Professionals in Business Management by taking additional courses in business administration beyond those required for the leadership concentration.

Program Course Listing

  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Business Administration Major Requirements* 48
Application Software (CS 235) 3
Principles of Accounting I (BA 210) 3
Principles of Economics I (BA 220) 3
Leadership & Org. Behavior (BA 305) 3
Business & Org. Communication (BA 313) 3
Managerial Economics (BA 317) 3
Business Research Methods (BA 319) 3
Principles of Marketing (BA 320) 3
Managerial Finance (BA 321) 3
Business Plan Development (BA 325) 3
Principles of Management (BA 330) 3
Managerial Accounting (BA 331) 3
Strategic Planning (BA 411) 3
Project Management (BA 415) 3
Human Resource Management (BA 440) 3
Business Capstone (BA 490) 3
Leadership Concentration Requirements* 18
Fundamentals of Ethical Leadership (BUS 308) 3
Organizational Leadership (BUS 315) 3
Conflict Management & Negotiation (BUS 325) 3
Leading Organizational Change (BUS 405) 3
Leadership in Diverse Organizations (BUS 410) 3
Transformational Leadership & Innovation (BUS 415) 3
Electives 21
Total 124

*A minimum grade of “C” is required.

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