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Equine Business

The Equine Business concentration is designed for students interested in the organizational, management, and commercial aspects of the equine industry. Today’s $40 billion equine industry requires leaders with solid business skills as well as a love of horses.

Courses such as management software and marketing, the economics of the horse industry and equine law and taxation address issues impacting the equine industry and offer strategies for establishing equine-related enterprises.

The Equine Business concentration within the Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration online degree prepares graduates for positions in any area of the Equine Industry including horse farm offices or other businesses which support the horse industry.

Program Course Listing

  Semester Hours
General Education Requirements 37
Business Administration Major Requirements* 48
Application Software (CS 235) 3
Principles of Accounting I (BA 210) 3
Principles of Economics I (BA 220) 3
Leadership & Org. Behavior (BA 305) 3
Business & Org. Communication (BA 313) 3
Managerial Economics (BA 317) 3
Business Research Methods (BA 319) 3
Principles of Marketing (BA 320) 3
Managerial Finance (BA 321) 3
Business Plan Development (BA 325) 3
Principles of Management (BA 330) 3
Managerial Accounting (BA 331) 3
Strategic Planning (BA 411) 3
Project Management (BA 415) 3
Human Resource Management (BA 440) 3
Business Capstone (BA 490) 3
Equine Business Concentration Requirements* 18
Introduction to the Equine Industry (EQS 165) 3
Topics in Equine Management (EQS 210) 1
Equine Healthcare Management (EQS 214) 3
Management Software and Marketing (EQS 218) 3
Animal Ethics, Welfare, Rights and Laws (EQS 411) 2
Equine Law and Taxation (EQS 484) 3
Economics of the Horse Industry (BA 222) 3
Electives 21
Total 124

*A minimum grade of “C” is required.

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