Online Associate Degrees

Based on a strong liberal arts curriculum, Midway College proudly represents small traditional all-American colleges by continuing to develop instructional avenues and to build excellence in education. Its academic offerings are among the most respected and sought after in the region and in the country.

Since the advent of distance learning, more and more students have found Midway College Online to be a strong option for higher education. The convenience and flexibility of the online programs provide students across the country with the same quality education as Midway’s face-to-face, on-campus programs.

Midway College’s quality academics will continue to translate into professional success for those who understand the vitality of higher education in today’s professional environment.

“As Kentucky’s only college for women and as a forerunner in coeducational adult accelerated learning, Midway College empowers undergraduate and graduate students as leaders through a professionally-oriented liberal arts education.”

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